KenkoTherm® DUK Tape - Pack of 1
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KenkoTherm® DUK Tape can help comfort stressed muscles and joints. The stretchable, thin tape provides support where needed.


Made of flexible cotton tape, it can help promote greater freedom of movement and can be worn while exercising or all day long. It can be cut to any length and is designed to work well with a Kenko PowerChip® or PowerMini®, holding the disc in place where desired.

  • Elastic for a comfortable fit
  • May help ease muscle and joint discomfort
  • Cool cotton fiber for ventilation
  • Water-resistant


MATERIALS CONTAINED IN PRODUCT: 100% cotton tape, hypoallergenic adhesive.


DIMENSIONS: 2 in /5 cm x 98 in /2.5 m


HOW TO USE: Cut to fit desired size. For best results, adhesion is improved if corners are trimmed (removed). Tape may be applied without tension or stretched slightly for additional support. Apply cut pieces in the sequence indicated by numbers. Apply as needed. For external use only. See full instructions and precautions on packaging. 


WARRANTY: Statutory warranty applies.


CAUTION: Do not stretch the tape more tightly than is comfortable – such use can result in excessive binding or injury. The tape is designed solely for the purpose intended and in the manner instructed – any use on other parts of the body or in a manner inconsistent with the instructions is not advised, can result in injury and is at your sole risk. Discontinue use if the product causes soreness, redness or irritation. Instructions provided are for common applications. If you are unsure about your specific application, please consult a sports trainer or athletic support professional for more guidance. This product is not intended to replace professional medical treatment.


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