Waterfall Stones
Item Code: 13846
Price: 34.00

Replace your PiMag® water system filters and components regularly for optimum performance.


We recommend replacing the filter every 90 days. Mineral stones can be replaced annually. Use only on municipally treated water or other supply known to be microbiologically safe.

• Multiple filtration

• Helps reduce chlorine and chloramine

• Helps reduce mercury, VOCs

• Helps reduce lead

• NSF Standards

• Reduces ORP

• Consistent water quality

• Add minerals for pH of 8.5-9.5

CAUTION: Use with cold water only. This product contains silver used to inhibit the growth of bacteria in the filter to prolong the life of the filter. Silver has a low toxicity to humans but is highly toxic to fish and other aquatic life. This product is designed to reduce objectionable tastes, odors, colours, aesthetic chlorine, chloramines, VOCs and mercury from municipally treated tap water.