ThermoWear® Socks Unisex - Medium
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ThermoWear® Socks are designed for everyday wear as well as general sports.


ThermoWear® Socks are designed for proper fit, durability and comfort. For sports or all- day wear, they’re far superior to ordinary footwear. Ceramic-reflective fibers in the material absorb energy from a variety of sources, including ambient heat, body heat or sunlight.

The fibers reflect back this energy for gentle warmth but do not retain excess heat. Nanosilver particles are permanently woven into the material— since silver has the effect of blocking the growth of bacteria, it is naturally deodorizing. In addition, microscopic copper filaments in the sock material counteract the buildup of static electricity, which prevents dryer cling. Mesh construction helps improve ventilation and wicking for wear in high-temperature environments.

  • Ceramic-reflective fibers
  • Breathable fabric
  • Antistatic Technology
  • Bacteriostatic Technology
  • Y-shaped heel retains foot placement
  • Better fit to minimize slippage
  • Cushioned foot bed with built-in arch support (ThermoWear® Sports Socks)



Unisex Medium fits size 4 - 8 UK / 37 – 42 EU

Unisex Large fits size 9 – 13 UK / 43 – 48 EU

MATERIALS: Cotton, acrylic (including 5% acrylic with metallic copper), nylon, polyester, Lycra® spandex and rubber.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Machine wash or hand wash. DO NOT USE CHLORINE BLEACH. Medium dryer setting or air dry.

WARRANTY: Statutory warranty applies.

Lycra® is a registered trademark of Invista.


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