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My Story

To Your Health! From Dennis and Jean McEntire

Jean and I have seen our health challenges disappear since being introduced to the Nikken products. I no longer have major issues with allergies, and my knees don't get stiff anymore. I sleep well at night, and upon waking, I don't suffer with congested sinuses.

Jean can reach an octave on the piano again, in spite of the joint issues that she inherited.

We feel privileged to be able to share the benefits of Nikken with others. After all, we're here to be of service to others. So, why not include the service of sharing health?

You probably are here to check out the unique products or to consider becoming a consultant. The following videos may be helpful.

Video #1: Life in Balance (2 minutes)

Video #2: An introduction to the Company and its wide range of products (4 minutes)

Video #3: Discusses the Company philosophy and the powerful business potential that it offers. (8 minutes)

Video #4: More details about the products and the business. (32 minutes)

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Jean and Dennis McEntire
Nikken Independent Consultant

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