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About Me
   As a school teacher, I am around a plethora of bacteria and viruses. Prior to being introduced to Nikken, I was a magnet for stress and attracting illnesses. I came to a point where I realized my health needed some adjustments. Enter Nikken.
   With all confidence, I added a few seamless items into my home, such as:
•a water system the cleans to the micron and replaces vital minerals
•an air filtration that does not produce Ozone
•a cocoon of sleep surpassing any camping trip
•whole food nutrition that reverses the acidic state (bad) of health
    These past 4 years have been increasingly amazing, keeping health and mental clarity at home and school for myself and students every day.
    With the many positive results I’ve seen while trying Nikken products, it has been easy sharing it with everyone! I realized I could connect people to some simple solutions to our world’s modern stressors. Nikken’s products seamlessly fit into my home and lifestyle. I love living life in a healthy and happy way!
   I believe that each one of us deserves the opportunity to create balance. 
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Rachael Jones
Nikken Independent Consultant

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