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New PiMag MicroJet Shower System

The PiMag® MicroJet™ shower system is no ordinary showerhead.

  • Chlorine reduction
  • Pi and magnetic technology
  • Patent-pending nozzles
  • Microbubbles to cleanse and moisturize

MicroJet from Nikken. A daily necessity that feels like a luxury.

Two models are available: wall mount and hand held. Choose the design that best meets your needs. Both models are included in the updated Nikken Vital Environment Pack.


PiMag® MicroJet™
1466  Hand held model
14662  Wall mount model

14661  Replacement filter cartridge, hand held (2 pack)
13831  Replacement filter cartridge, wall mount (single)

Don't forget to add the replacement filter to your Autoship order!
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A scientific discovery regarding the nature of water bubbles was the inspiration for a technology built into the new PiMag® MicroJet™ Shower System. Bubbles are part of the story — but as with any Nikken innovation, there's more to the MicroJet than one feature alone.

For a good shower you need to start with cleaner water — and ideally, water that does not contain a high level of chlorine. This powerful disinfectant is good for killing germs but most of us would rather not drink it. It is a surprise for many to learn that avoiding chlorinated drinking water solves only half the problem. While bathing in a shower, chlorine is absorbed through the skin and inhaled as water vapor. From the lungs it passes directly into the bloodstream.

Nikken is a leader in offering shower systems that reduce chlorine, and the MicroJet system uses the reduction/oxidation process to help neutralize chlorine without chemicals. It converts free-radical chlorine to neutral chlorides. In the MicroJet, Nikken has added Air-Induction Technology — a patent-pending design element that injects air into the shower stream for more effective operation.


Air-Induction Technology creates a higher air-to-water ratio, which decreases surface tension and resistance. Because water passes out the showerhead more freely, water pressure is also maintained without requiring a higher flow rate.


Carbon and mineral filters in the MicroJet reduce other contaminants, including dirt, sediment and odors. In all, it's the cleanest water you'll probably ever experience in a shower.


Where the bubbles come in: the MicroJet showerhead has nozzles that release streams of microbubbles within the water flow. Soap, detergent or shampoo work on the surface-active principle — that is, these cleaning agents tend to adhere to the surface of a bubble, which provides the point of contact between the agent and dirt.

A lot of small bubbles maximize this surface area. More contact means deeper and more effective cleansing.

All bubbles contain oxygen molecules. Microbubbles stay intact longer than large ones, so the oxygen is released directly at the contact point, where an oxygen reaction helps to penetrate the buildup of deposits on skin and hair, leaving them feeling fresh, clean and soft. Water can soak beneath the surface for natural moisturizing.

Microbubbles are normally created using laboratory apparatus, where they have been studied extensively for use in various applications. The MicroJet Shower System represents a design breakthrough that puts this bubble stream in your shower.

What do microbubbles look like?

In laboratory and industrial applications, water containing microbubbles often appears to be cloudy or white. This water is charged with bubbles under extremely high pressure, which is not suitable for personal use and will damage household plumbing.

This foamy layer produced under high pressure will not saturate a surface well and is not as effective for cleaning and moisturizing as the microbubbles formed by PiMag® MicroJet™ Shower System nozzles.


As a custom shower solution, the MicroJet Shower System is available in two models. A wall-mount unit replaces a conventional showerhead. The new MicroJet Hand Shower features a shower nozzle attached to a flexible steel tube, with a bracket that allows this model to be used either as a hand-held shower or placed in its wall-mount fitting. Both models are compatible with standard plumbing fixtures and can be installed in minutes.

With chlorine neutralizing, natural filtration, pi and magnetic technology — and now, micro cleansing — the PiMag MicroJet Shower System provides not only a cleaner shower but a more refreshing and more complete part of your personal care regimen.

It'll make you feel clean and bubbly all day.