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My Story

Nikken Super Sale

Nikken products changed not only my life for better but also lives of all members of my family, friends and lives of many other people.
We can’t say that our living environment in line with our expectations. Many environment factors negatively impact on our life and sometime could be even dangerous. Although we can’t change everything around us but we can reduce the negative factors to a minimum in our surrounding environment for each of us individually.
Basing on Natural Technologies Nikken products precisely designed for improvement of our surrounding environment.
Today, you have remarkable opportunity to buy Nikken products at the very attractive price 15% off.
 Welcome to my Super Sale!

Become a Wellness Consultant

If you decide to build your own Wellness Business and join our Consultants team, you will have an opportunity to by all products at the wholesale price (up to 25% OFF).
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Buy wellness products is very easy:

  1. Just click on the product image you wish to buy
  2. You will see new window where you need to select your country
  3. Insert your promotional code and get discount
  4.  You need to select a quantity of products and click on  Add to Cart or Check out
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My Personal Nikken Story

I become a member of the Nikken family in 2003 when we are (my husband and I) actively looked for remedy for our son who was injured in sport activity and two years was suffering of pain.
It needless to say, how this problem impacted on our lifestyle. We used all available remedies and practitioners attempted to help him but we didn’t get any improvement.  
Solution was found suddenly when my friend introduced me Nikken Company and Nikken Products.
It was more lucrative solution because becoming a member I immediately got up to 25% off for all Nikken products.
We got all necessary products for our son and immediately applied it to him.
Results were more than impressive, products really worked!
Pain was gone and our son first time for years started to sleep normally, returned to school and our life started to return into the normal mode.
We resolved many (almost all) our problems because of using Nikken products.
After these remarkable changes, I thought “How many people could resolve their problems if they could know about Nikken products?”
Actually, there are millions of people around the globe who need help and are looking for solution can't get it because of lack of information and knowledge.
Please read it again!
Millions of people around the globe who need help and are looking for solution can't get it because of lack of information and knowledge!
We really can help them.

Think about it.
This idea pushed me forward and I started my studies to gain more information about Nikken Company such as about Nikken society, Nikken products, unique Nikken technologies, Nikken philosophy, education (Nikken University) and business with Nikken.
I was not alone in this way. My sponsor, Diamond Wellness Consultant Lubov Romanovski gave me incredible help and support joining me to Nikken family. From this point I understood I am not alone and I become a valuable member of Nikken society where everyone ready help and support me.
When I become more educated in wellness, I decided to realize my idea to become wealthy helping others and started to build my own business. My husband immediately accepted my idea and we started our Welcons (Wellness Consulting) business.
Today we are Platinum Wellness Consultants.
We are still keeping focus on our Golden Rule:
“Help to yourself and became wealthy helping others!”
You can do it too.
I friendly invite you join Nikken family and became an Independent Nikken Consultant.
Thank you

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Olga Nepomnyashy
(647) 223 5885
Nikken Independent Consultant

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