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Serving families since January 1992

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6 Minute Quick Introduction to Nikken

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What got our attention first was the help with a 10 year old neck injury of mine.  After wearing a magnet inside a scarf for the first week of January, 1992 my neck stopped hurting!  You can imagine my great relief and delight!  We decided Nikken might just be able to help others too and this could be a great business opportunity in addition. A win win opportunity.

We decided to join Nikken that January, at first, not realizing just how big and how dedicated Nikken is to bringing state of the art products with very specific designs to achieve very specific results.  Nikken is a huge research and development company dedicated to helping people worldwide become aware of the toxic environment we live in today and then showing us simple, affordable changes we can make to protect our family from it.

We have benefited so much from the Nikken product technologies.  Nikken is also a trusted partner with Healthy Child Healthy World and Wayne and I are passionate about helping children   We have 12 grandchildren and realize children are our most valuable treasure. Not just ours but yours as well.  We want to do all we can to help them find a healthy lifestyle in the midst of all the toxins found in daily life.

With Nikken you have a double benefit....better health and also better financial well-being.  Nikken is poised to offer you a full or part time career from home...ask us how and we will be very happy to meet with you either in person or via the internet, phone or skype.

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Wayne & Sheri Martin

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Wayne & Sheri Martin
Nikken Independent Consultant

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