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Kenzen® Vital Balance™: Food for Action, Food for Thought

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Welcome! From your Independent Nikken Consultants, Wayne & Sheri Martin

As a member of the Nikken family, we thank you for visiting our favorite products page. We change these around from time to time because we have more favorites than can be shown on this page!  We hope to share with you the rewards of enjoying a wellness lifestyle — an opportunity that only Nikken offers. In 1975 Nikken introduced the concept of total wellness, an emphasis on balance in all aspects of living. For more than 30 years this philosophy has helped millions of people around the world to maintain good health and achieve financial security.

And as you will see, you can enjoy this satisfying and rewarding lifestyle without changing the way you already live. Nikken products, a Nikken Wellness Home and, if you wish, a Nikken business may help you to attain your dreams.

Please watch the video Next Generation in Magnetic Science.  The little powerhouse of a magnet shown there has given me immense relief from a hip injury.  A year & 1/2 ago I hurt on a scale of 8-9 and wearing this little Power Chip inside my pocket has taken my hurting down to a 0-1.  I would love to share what the other products have done personally for us.  See more of our favorites below.  

Thank you again for spending some time on this page which is really spending some time on yourself looking into the possibilities Nikken can offer you and your loved ones.

Have a wonderful day and we look forward to hearing from you,
Wayne and Sheri

Nikken Filters

Replace Your Nikken Filters!

Daylight Saving Time is here — a great reminder to change your Nikken air and water filters! To ensure optimum performance, filters should be replaced at least as often as specified in the operating manual for your unit. Read more