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Warning! The information you are about to receive may enable your LIFE to be Transformed in Quality, Longevity & Prosperity!


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This short video highlights one of our most advanced technologies and is a demonstration of the Nikken PiMag Water drop test. 

The following is an Audio presentation by Roger Drummer on the new Vital Balance Meal Replacement Mix.  Roger discusses many advantages to your body found in the Nikken technologies.   67 minutes

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Dr. Weintraub - Nikken Magnetic Insoles Research Studies, Diabetics, Nerve Growth


About Lynn Marie McCune:
Lynn Marie McCune lives in Shasta, California.  She worked in the banking industry for many years and in nutritional education and sales.  She has been in the antique business for 40 years.  Over a period of years she had the misfortune to be involved in multiple rear-end auto accidents, resulting in severe back injuries requiring a series of major surgeries and implants.
She became incapacitated, with paralysis setting in, from the severity of her injuries; experiencing major debilitating pain, degenerating organs and forcing her to be bed ridden for many years. She was completely dependent on health care assistants, virtually for everything.  She had no quality of life, her body was shutting down.  The medical professionals gave her little hope as there was nothing more they could do except more surgeries and more drugs.   Neither of which were doing the job.

God sent her help in the form of a new good friend bearing the gifts of Nikkens technologies.  She is blessed to be alive today, because of that gift. She has a new mission in her life, to share with each and every person she can, the gift of Nikken.  In the past few years she has built a very successful Nikken business.

Today, Lynn Marie is in amazing  health and is a very active, caring, vibrant and compassionate person with a driving goal to share with everyone her Nikken story and how it restored her vitality and quality of life. She is expanding and improving other lives by providing them the freedom and balance to work Globally from Home and “Retire on their own terms”. 


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Nikken Independent Consultant

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