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What is Vital Wellness?



These videos are my current favorites to give you quick, straight-forward insight into what is so special and unique about the world of Nikken. Consider above, what is total wellness, and where does it come from? And then below consider all areas of life and what makes it most meaningful for you and those you care about. Then check out the videos to the right - the core products of Nikken, pure, enlivened, delicious water to keep you hydrated and balanced, a comfortable, supportive sleep environment to help you feel fantastic every morning, and safe surroundings for our kids to help them develop as nature intended. Scroll down to check out just a couple of Nikken's most popular, smaller products. We are here for you!

As a member of the Nikken family, we thank you for visiting our Nikken shop and other pages. We hope to share with you the rewards of enjoying a wellness lifestyle - an opportunity that only Nikken offers.

n 1975 Nikken introduced the concept of total wellness, an emphasis on balance in all aspects of living. For more than 40 years this philosophy has helped millions of people around the world to maintain good health and achieve financial security.

And as you will see, you can enjoy this satisfying and rewarding lifestyle without changing the way you already live. Nikken products, a Nikken Wellness Home and, if you wish, a Nikken business may help you to attain your dreams.

We invite you to purchase some Nikken products right away to begin to feel the kind of well-being that few realize is possible in today's hectic 24/7 world.

Go to Join Nikken above and register as a new customer! It's free and you get your own ID, pasword, shopping cart, loads of information, and special deals! Or simply place your order as our Guest at the Shop Now page. 

Once you know the power of these products to enhance your well-being, we would love to have you consider helping us to make more people aware of this unparalleled line of products based on a uniquely comprehensive and balanced approach to total health.

Let us go through a discovery process of of couple of hours over the next few days to see if such a project would be a fit for you. If not, we hope you can introduce us to someone you know for whom it might be the right thing at the right time.

Thank you again for your business!



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