Frazier, Pamela S
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Nikken Independent Consultant

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My Story

Hello and Welcome to my Wellness Page.

Thanks for Visiting, relax and look around discover how Nikken can help improve your well-being and income.

Before you begin I'd like to tell you a little about me and why I choose to embrace Self-Care and the Nikken Lifestyle...

As a Health Care Educator and Executive with over 40 of years experience in nursing, I embraced Nikken’s Wellness Home Concept in 2013. Nikken helped to reaffirm, my belief that people need to take charge of ensuring that they live a lifestyle based on wellness, a lesson I learned early in my nursing career.  
My Mission is to inspire myself and others to educate ourselves on living a healthier lifestyle and sustaining the planet leading to an improved quality of life for generations to come.
I educate and recommend solutions on living a balanced lifestyle based on wellness and financial security.
I believe that self –care should be the goal of everyone. Self-care is understanding how small changes in our everyday life can make big changes overtime in our future.
Nikken allows me to recommend and provide solutions that can help provide clean water, better sleep, increased vitality and energy as well as the possibility of extra income.


Nikken has allowed me to improve my health and income and I'd like to share what Nikken has to offer with other.

Some of My Nikken Favorites

Frazier, Pamela S
(650) 576-1505
Nikken Independent Consultant

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