Replace your Nikken filters!

It’s that time again

Daylight Saving Time is here — a great reminder to change your Nikken air and water filters! To ensure optimum performance, filters should be replaced at least as often as specified in the operating manual for your unit. In many cases, environmental conditions or the volume of use may require more frequent replacement of these components, and will help extend the life of your Air Wellness® and PiMag® products.

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Choose from the list of Nikken filter replacement codes that apply to your Air Wellness or PiMag unit below:

Air Wellness® series

  • 1444  KenkoAir Purifier™ replacement filter pack
  • 1439  Power5™ Pro replacement filter pack
  • 1389  Power5™ replacement filter pack
  • 13965  Traveler replacement filter


PiMag® series

  • MicroJet™ shower system
    14661  Replacement filter cartridge, hand held (2 pack)
    13831  Replacement filter cartridge, wall mount (2 pack)
  • Sport bottle
    13503  Replacement filter/spout (2 ct)
  • Waterfall™
    13845  Replacement filter
    13846  Replacement mineral stones
  • Aqua Pour® Gravity/Aqua Pour Deluxe
    1361  Replacement filter cartridge
    1362  Replacement microsponge prefilter
    1364  Replacement ceramic prefilter
    1386  Replacement mineral stones
  • Deluxe Countertop/Deluxe Under Counter
    13152  Deluxe replacement filter
  • Water system (original countertop)
    1314  Countertop replacement filter combo pack (includes 1317, 1318, 1319)
    1317  Countertop replacement carbon filter
    1318  Countertop replacement pi filter
    1319  Countertop replacement UF filter
  • Aqua Pour® Express
    13565  Replacement filter cartridge
  • Ultra Shower System
    13831  Replacement filter