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Opportunity – Discover Freedom: The Nikken Opportunity


Discover and enjoy the life-changing benefits of Nikken. Nikken products are sold exclusively through our network of Independent Nikken Consultants. Becoming a Consultant will allow you to share your experiences with others, while growing a business, earning an income and making a difference in people’s lives. Achieve real financial freedom just by introducing people to amazing products that you believe in. It’s that simple. Whether you’d like a secondary source of income, or the ability to work from home and make your own schedule, the Nikken opportunity can help you achieve your dreams.


How to Become an Independent Nikken Consultant


1. Your Independent Nikken Consultant (the person who signed you up for access to this page) will be your sponsor.


2. Complete a simple online form.


3. Receive approval and you’re all set!


No boundaries.

In today’s world, you can’t expect to achieve financial security by working for someone else.

Compare that to Nikken, where you have complete flexibility and unlimited opportunity.

Earn extra money part-time, or develop a new career. Build your own business and create a steady source of income. We give you the tools, the support, the guidance from experienced professionals.

Life as an Independent Nikken Consultant gives you the freedom to live as you wish. To earn as much as you deserve. Even to make a difference in the world, helping others.

Attend a Nikken event near you or complete our Consultant Application. Learn why there has never been a better time to be an Independent Nikken Consultant.

Money and healthcare

Wellness is the trillion-dollar revolution — and it’s here.

The wellness industry first hit the $200-billion-a-year mark in 2000 and five years later had more than doubled, to $500 billion. That’s in the United States alone. Today it’s nearing the trillion-dollar level.

Why? Because U.S. health care is approaching $4 trillion a year — and people need a practical, cost-effective alternative to this “sick care.” An aging population will only drive the numbers higher. Rapidly.

Consumers are already seeking a solution. And there’s only one company that addresses all wellness needs, with real solutions: Nikken.


What is it?

This is the new way that business operates. Conventional advertising and marketing are becoming less effective — people are creating their own networks,  via the Internet or face to face, sharing information between friends or groups.

Informal  connections and  word of mouth already drive the decisions that are made. Wth network marketing you simply use this powerful tool to build your own business enterprise.

Father and daughter - home and car

The possibilities are unlimited.

With Nikken you can literally earn as much as you wish.

Every month, Independent Nikken Consultants earn:

$100,000 or more!

These numbers are not imaginary. Nikken has a generous compensation plan.

You can create residual income — permanent customers and partners who contribute a steady stream of revenue to your business.

We show you how it’s done. In addition, Nikken offers bonuses and incentives not available elsewhere, such as the Auto/Home program.

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Don’t take our word for it.

Total wellness includes the chance to share it with others. Independent Nikken Consultants tell us what the business opportunity has meant in their lives.

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We support your success.

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