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Nikken International began with therapeutic insoles in 1975.  Their reasearch and development supports complete wellness; rest-relaxation, pain management, and minimizes the effects of  household toxins and premature aging.  
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At Nikken our mission is to help people discover a better way of life and provide them the means to live it and share the benefits. Nikken was founded in Japan in 1975 by Isamu Masuda, who saw a common problem and devised a solution. The problem: millions of people suffered from sore feet and the fatigue this produces in the entire body. His solution was the invention of the first Nikken product, the Magstep®. His inspiration for the energizing massage nodes on the insoles was derived from the pebbled surface at the bottom of a Japanese public bath. He added magnetism to intensify the field of energy.

Magsteps are an example of a pioneering idea-wellness solutions based on the natural world. Nikken takes these solutions much further with a vision of caring and helping others. Over the years, Nikken has pioneered state-of-the-art technologies, including PiMag® water filtration in 2000, improved Air Wellness® Technology and Kenzen® Organic-Based Nutrition in 2008. DynaFlux® Magnetic Technology debuted in 2012.

PUBLISHED ON October 6, 2017 - Health risks associated with water contaminants are real. Since the Natural Resources Defense Council advocated for the Clean Water Act (1972), public awareness has grown regarding the fact that tap water may be contaminated with bacteria and viruses, chlorine and chloramine, nitrates and nitrites, heavy metals, pharmaceutical.

A common fallacy is that bottled water eliminates contaminants. Numerous reputable studies revealed that up to 40 percent of all bottled water is re-processed tap water. Another large portion of bottled water is purified by reverse osmosis/distillation, resulting in demineralized water, which is considered unhealthy for long-term use. No matter what the bottled water label says, you never really know what you’re getting.

The more reliable and more economical solution is to invest in a home water filtration system. Not only does filtered water help with digestion and detoxification of the body, but it also keeps the nervous system up and running. Filtered water is even more important for young children, especially babies that don’t have a mature immune system as most adults.

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