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Hi!  I'm Lelana, and I live in Burlingame, California, with my wonderful husband, Paul, of 52 years. We have two awesome children, Jason 47 and Jenee`45, who fortunately live nearby. I taught elementary school in San Bruno for 39 years before retiring in 2001. I continue teaching children in our home after school and during the summer months.
Because I have so many personal testimonies, my second career is in the natural health and wellness industry with, Nikken, a Japanese research and development company whose solutions and technologies are based on PREVENTION and STRESS REDUCTION rather than intervention. By living a healthy balanced life, I offer the opportunity through natural magnetic technologies for people to deal with the stresses in their lives.
Nikken's technologies are non-invasive, non-chemical and have only positive side effects.
I help people turn their homes and offices into Wellness Homes. A Wellness Home creates a "Green House" environment where you experience deep delta rem sleep, drink water that is Ph balanced 8.5=9.5, breathe air that has virutally no toxins and added negative ions, consume nutritionals that are whole foods, and has a weight balancing program.
I am fulfilling Nikken's mission to create wellness throughout the world by looking for people who want reduced stress, have less pain while at the same time create optimum energy and balance for the people they love and care about by improving the quality of their lives.There is a business aspect which rewards you monetarily for sharing Nikken's positive effect on children and adults!

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Lelana Crayne
Nikken Independent Consultant

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