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My Story

Welcome! From Julie Tara your Independent Nikken Consultant and 2012 Consultant of The Year

Julie Tara lives as a human being more. She lives each day to the fullest extent that she can and greets the dawn with new vitality. With 30 years experience in the healing arts, Julie's primary goal is to empower humanity to be free on all levels. She has struggled with inner demons, fought for her beliefs, faced the death of loved ones, come up through financial ruin and in doing so, found herself.


One of the goals Julie visualized for years was to become the Nikken Consultant of the Year. In typical Julie fashion, when her name was called out at the 2011 Give Me FiveConvention in Anaheim, she responded first with disbelief, then with the utmost humility.


Julie says, "I was completely astounded. It shattered a shield of doubt and self-judging in my heart that sometimes wonders if I'm accomplishing my mission. It was such a supreme blessing and honor. I am so grateful to my entire Nikken family, we have an unprecedented solidarity that is unlike any other company in the world!"






"The 5 Pillars of Health have helped me grow more compassionate, patient, loving and interconnected. Initially, the Finance Pillar affected me most, following the bankruptcy of my healing center. My family was in an untenable position financially and Nikken provided a way to turn that around fast. By the end of my first year with Nikken I was overjoyed and so grateful to become a Platinum Wellness Consultant."


"With the support of Humans Being More training, which I've attended 20 times, my entire understanding of life has catapulted and continues to be a mental and spiritual awakening," explains Julie.


Such mindfulness has transformed Julie into an avid environmentalist and social entrepreneur who is committed to sustaining the planet. For her, Nikken is the vehicle to help heal humanity and redistribute wealth throughout the world.


"Along with creating global change through Nikken, I have time to do the other things I love most: to dance, do yoga, take trapeze lessons, paraglide, as well as write poetry, read philosophy, listen to the music of the great composers, learn about the latest scientific and technological advances and travel. My next goal is to write books and possibly even songs to inspire people to take flight. By simply doing what I enjoy, I end up meeting the right people who end up becoming part of my Nikken family."




As someone whose ultimate goal in life is self-actualization and to continue following her own North Star, Julie identifies her biggest challenge as "myself." It's the daily challenge of knowing what I want to do and confronting the resistance. It's about being centered in heart and mind, then moving into the world with the certainty of my truth and authenticity. It's an internal battle I fight daily. It means going out of my comfort zone one more time by showing up, not taking rejection personally and helping others to find their voices. In my first career as a professional ballet dancer, it was always about competing and being in a win or lose situation. In Nikken the only competition is with myself. I like the quest for excellence, not perfection. If I can do it, anyone can do it."




"Nikken is a great community of support that tells you that you can do it, which helps to silence the self-doubt and self-criticism. I keep things very simple. I ask a lot of questions and listen with all of my being, not just my ears. I am very present with people and I don't speak unless I have something pertinent to say in response to their needs."


"I love to connect with people, to help them and share the treasure I have. I'm committed to creating a safe, nurturing environment for people to discover and explore Nikken. I don't ever say that I have the answer; instead I tell them if they are open, I have something that might be helpful. I give Nikken Rollouts, then lend people the Kenko Naturest Sleep System, water, air, light and daytime magnetic products, so they have a 24/7 experience."


"The Nikken products are my employees, because they work for me. I'm passionate about putting them out there. If you are going to build a multimillion-dollar business, you have to capitalize your business accordingly. I want to help make Nikken a household word, transforming the lives of millions through Humans Being More."




There's a true story Julie likes to tell about a hummingbird that had flown into her healing center and couldn't find its way back out. Julie recounts, "In my heart, I said to the bird, "don't be afraid. I want to help you be free but you're going to have to come to me. You'll be safe with me." And as Julie walked slowly towards it, the hummingbird came right into her hands. She walked softly outside. Once Julie gently opened her hands, the bird shot straight up skyward.


It's the way Julie lives and conducts business "with kindness and love" showing the path to freedom.




I Love Nikken!!!

Julie Tara
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Nikken Independent Consultant

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