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Welcome to our Nikken Wellness Web Site

Nikken products have had a profound effect on our family. My kids were involved in sports and it enabled them to compete at a higher level. More importantly we began to experience the benefits of great nutrition and rejuvenating sleep. Most importantly, it created an opportunity for me to have more free time to spend with my family and with others by giving me the freedom that comes from having my own business.

After developing the business part time over a few years, I left the corporate world to do Nikken and contribute to society by volunteer work with organizations helping those addicted to crack and alcohol.  I work with hospitals, clinics and individuals with significant results.  

If you would like to have balance in the following five areas of your life and enjoy

A Healthy Body
A Healthy Mind
A Healthy Family
Healthy Finances
Contribute to a healthy society

Please contact us and we can help make this a reality

John and Myrt Rule

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John and Myrt Rule
Nikken Independent Consultant

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