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My Story:
Before Nikken my husband, Rick and I both suffered from repetitive injuries that were work related.  In our 30's and 40's we were physically active in our work to the point of injuring our backs from heavy lifting and standing all day.  The repetitive demonstrations we did further caused tendons to swell that created much discomfort.  Rick's knees were bad and his elbows would swell so big he could hardly move them and both of us had wrist, back and neck issues that were really awful. Our livelihood of close to 30 years was at stake!  We had to physically be there in order to get income.  If we could not work, we would not make any income. The stress of that kept us from doing some of the fun things we wanted to do, like skiing.

When I was introduced to the Nikken solutions by one of my customers, I paid attention and got great results in a matter of hours from a wrist problem.  Needless to say I was thrilled!  Thus began my Nikken journey.  Today my bone health issues are straightened out, we no longer "live" on ibuprofen and therefore our bodies are healthier.  We are more hydrated, more youthful and vibrant than when we were first introduced to Nikken.  Our home is a Wellness Home!

When I realized there was a business attached to these fantastic solutions, I decided to pursue this as a Plan B with a view to making it our Plan A.   I saw an opportunity to create income and at the same time help people maintain a healthy lifestyle or help them with health issues and discomforts...and yes, even the discomfort that is in the "back pocket"--the most common discomfort in this new economy.

Rick and I are here to help you discover Nikken and introduce you to a whole new way of living that is simple, elegant and fun.  Whether it is becoming a customer or becoming a business partner, Welcome!

I invite you to join me in this mission of living a life that is balanced in body, mind,family, society and finances!




























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Jeannie Zedan
Nikken Independent Consultant

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