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As a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, I loved "fix-en feet."  However, at age 50, I felt older than my years; I couldn't get a good night's sleep and was awakened frequently with numbness in my feet, hands and arms.  I had back and joint aches and pains, along with general fatigue and muscle weakness throughout my entire body. I couldn't even wave bye-bye with either hand.  I wore special braces on my wrists and felt every bump in the highway when I drove my car.  I sought medical as well as alternative help.  Finally after seeing many specialists at a famous clinic over a two year period, I had the following options:  surgical fusion of both wrists, carpal tunnel surgery in both hands, fusion of several vertebrae or "learn to live with it."



Due to my disabilities I was forced to sell my practice.   I had no quality of life and left instructions to not dial 911 or perform heroic measures in the event of my loss of consciousness.
Out of desperation, I took the suggestion of another medical doctor to try complementary energy medicine.
The quality of my life has changed and improved tremendously over the years not only through the use of Nikken products, but as a consultant.   Now my life is more than awesome both health-wise and financially. I live in a Nikken Wellness Home, and I feel 20 years younger, and healthier than I've ever been.
Nikken Wellness-it will change your life!
You too will benefit from living in a wellness home.
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Dr. Stan


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Dr Stanley Bogusz
Nikken Independent Consultant

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