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Check out the packaged gift ideas NIKKEN has put together on the HOME page. WOW! Contact us directly if you'd like to set-up a home/family/friends "Wellness" appointment! Receive a 'FREE' magnetic massage with an appointment. (relaxes, helps relieve pain & energizes) We are excited to share this GREAT company & technology with you!

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6 Minute Quick Introduction to Nikken

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    "An Overview of the Nikken mission, who we are, what we do and how we can help you live the life you have always wanted!/ Video 1: 3 minute verview from Healthy Child Healthy World- Nikken is a "Trusted Partner" of HCHW/

    Video 2: 6 minute overview Nikken/

    Video 3: 11 minute segment with Mac MacDonald and Pat Terry- One of the most successful couples in Nikken/

    Video 4: 13 minute powerful demonstration of the Nikken Products/

    Video 5: 4 minute segment explaining why this business model is the smartest choice for people who want to achieve financial freedom./"


OUR STORY Hi, Our sons got us involved with this great company when they were in middle school. They saw the vision of the wellness home, plus the financial benefits. (They are now out of college and wellness consultants themselves.) They saw the benefits to their minds, bodies & athletic abilities. It helped them not get tired or sick after burning it at both ends, staying focused & balanced, to run faster & be stronger. They even saw the financial benefits from this company that pays us to be healthy. We are excited to be living a healthy dream filled life with Nikken. Our Testimonies: Had flat feet, now with insoles NO pain & an arch; Ankles creeked & popped in the morning, now sleeping on the sleep system they don't; Snored at night, Now sleeping on the sleep system & pillow NO MORE SNORING; Intestinal bleeding & Pain, Now with Vital Balance it has stopped; Broken bone in hand, told it would NEVER heal even with a screw in it because it had been without blood flow for 9 months "dead", Healed with Bone Health Pack; Plus many more. These are just a few of "OUR" WOW's! So, if you are interested in any of these benefits, give me a call or email me. I'd love to hear from you.

Cindy & Scott Wisecarver
Nikken Independent Consultant

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