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My Story

Welcome! From Steve, Your Independent Nikken Consultant

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"Nikken-  A Life In Balance"



Steve’s Story, Cave Man Style:

Man has life changing car accident.
Man gets messed up and loses lifestyle.
Man can no longer work cool job.
Mom shares "Nikken Active Wellness" with Man.
Man gets stuff.
Man’s body likes stuff.
Man is compelled to share Nikken.
Man’s been mentored for FREE by most successful in North America
Man thinks sharing Nikken has been most fun work he has done in last 20 years.
Man never knows when playing stops and work begins.
Man would love you to try the products and join in his mission.


Nikken Vital Wellness Solutions Change Lives For The Better

Crofoot, Steve & Carol
(801) 910-1528
Nikken Independent Consultant

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