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"Nikken-  A Life In Balance"



Our Nikken Story began on Halloween Night of 1994. Steve was in a serious car accident.  In an instant his life changed.  Previously he was very active in sports and scouting.   After the accident, if he was on his feet more than a couple hours in a day, he would suffer for up to a week. Nothing the doctors suggested had helped for 33 long months. Thankfully one of Steve's sisters found Nikken and told their mom.  She liked what she saw and asked her new Nikken friend to contact Steve and provide him with some information.  Like so many, he wasn't interested. Finally, Steve skeptically went a Wellness Preview.  The host was smart.  He gave Steve one insole to put under one foot.  Steve had been on his feet for 12 hours that day and his feet were on fire all way up to his knees.  Within 20 minutes his foot and leg did not hurt.  No discomfort!  After the meeting, he grabbed the other insole and put it under the other foot.  Within ten minutes, that foot and leg didn’t hurt either.  He was blown away!  Tears of JOY streamed!

We purchased Wellness Home Solutions as quickly as we could.  Within two weeks of putting insoles in his shoes and sleeping with a sleep system, Steve's back, which had given him issues for 25 years, stopped hurting.  Over time, other Baby Boomer aches and discomforts started melting away.  When Carol started to use the solutions, her wrists stopped aching and she started sleeping better.

Several years later Carol was also in a serious car accident.  She went to doctors, chiropractors, massage and had physical therapy.  Nothing gave lasting results.  Finally she was sent to a pain specialist that wanted to prescribe more pain and mind dulling drugs.  She didn't like what all the prescriptions did to her.  After some experimenting with our Nikken products, the solutions she used made it possible for her to get off all of the prescriptions she was taking and had a much better and happier quality of life.  She will tell you she feels she is alive today, thanks to these amazing solutions. 

This is why we feel so strongly we need to share our experiences with others.  Steve has his life and wife back.  Our children have their parents back.  Our grandchildren still have their grandparents.  What blessings we have been given!

We love sharing our story with others.  Many family members and friends have had similar experiences and have joined us as business partners.  We desire to help more.

No one should hurt needlessly.  If you want more out of life, contact us and give yourselves toe opportunity to experience results similar to ours. Then join us.  You can make a difference for your family and friends too.  You will be glad you did.

Steve and Carol


Nikken Vital Wellness Solutions Change Lives For The Better

Crofoot, Steve & Carol
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Nikken Independent Consultant

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