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My Story


I always wanted to be part of something extraordinary.  

And, I am. 

12 years ago, I was introduced to a magnetic energy product that alleviated the chronic discomfort from a bicycle injury that I'd been suffering with for 10+ years.  And, living in a Nikken Wellness Home was instrumental in my complete recovery from a heart health challenge due to environmental toxins that I was not expected to recover from.

Nikken Active Wellness Solutions optimize health.  If you, or someone you know is interested to create better health and more energy for yourselves, simply sign up to become a Free Registered Customer with no obligations.  You will have access to specials, wellness infomation, a personal e-commerce shopping site, and my assistance to answer questions and help you strategize the best solutions:

Advanced Magnetics support your body to help you achieve peak performance with comfort, flexibility, energy, vitality and balance.    
 PiMag is a multi-stage water filtration that transforms ordinary tap water into alkaline pH balanced, mineral-rich, living water.  Economically and environmentally friendly in a compact counter-top systema showerhead, and a 'travel' sport bottle. 
Kenko Air Purifier offers the best indoor filtration with an energy efficient ULPA system that replicates forest fresh air with no ozone.
Kenko Sleep Technology provides the world’s most advanced, yet supremely affordable sleep system.  Sleep is the foundation of good health and this is by far the best sleep option available.  
Nikken Wellness Organic-Based Nutrition is an exceptional line of whole-food supplementation that delivers everything our body’s need for both basic and specific nutrition.  We offer the highest quality and the best in affordability.  25% discount available.

Everyday Weight Management / Meal Replacement Program gets you started on a life of sustained health and fitness. This is not a temporary diet.  It is a lifestyle for a lifetime.  25% discount available.

True Elements Marine Organic Skin-Care is a high performing, award winning, affordable and easy to use premium line of skincare for men, women and children.  25% discount available.

True Elements Hair-Care is designed to work with your pH balance to promote a healthy, youthful appearance with a combination of  unique, all-natural ingredients.  25% discount available.

KenkoTherm Support Wraps are orthopedically shaped for comfort and support to soothe strained muscles or achy joints.

CM Complex Cream naturally cools, relieves and soothes surface discomforts from daily living.

Sport Socks are designed to optimize proper fit, durability and comfort with advanced technology far beyond ordinary socks.  

Naturest Demo Pad is a compact-sized magnetic mattress that fits on a bodywork table (a plus for massage therapists), is great in dorm rooms, for young people, on-the-road athletes and musicians. 

Pet Pad is the ultimate in comfort and sleep technology for pets.  

Nikken's hybrid business model can help strengthen your finances.  If you or someone you know is interested to create meaningful change, influence lives for the better, and ultimately shape the world in positive ways, you can leverage and compound your time and money by becoming an Independent Consultant:

Active Wellness Blog:

Thanks for taking the time to discover what I believe is a truly inspired approach to life.  I look forward to meeting you and answering your questions. 

All the Best,
Barbara Joseph 

Eastern Time Zone

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Barbara L. Joseph
Nikken Independent Consultant

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