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Maria Turoczi

Cleveland, OH   |   Silver

Maria Turoczi

I am from Hungary and originally I wanted to be a nurse. At the time I was ready to enroll in nursing school, I met my future husband. Instead of enrolling in school, I ended up getting married and coming to the United States. That was 41 years ago.

I wanted to become a nurse because you can help people and change their lives. In a way, Nikken is even better, because you help people and change lives without having to use drugs or surgery. I really like it and feel that I finally made my dream come true.

Before joining Nikken, I worked on sewing and catering jobs. It was through one of my catering jobs that I first was introduced to Nikken. I attended a presentation that was given for people in the medical professions and was genuinely touched by one of the testimonials. That was my beginning in Nikken.

I’m a healthy person and I want to stay that way. I have two children and six grandchildren. I used to baby-sit my grandchildren when they were small, but my daughter moved to Florida and I became lonely. I needed something to uplift my life and Nikken does that for me. I’m connecting with people all the time now. I invite them to my house and do a little presentation and everyone loves the back rollout.

My vision is to help people the way Nikken has helped me—I have attended Humans Being More twice, first in Chicago and then in Pittsburgh. I feel that I found myself in HBM. I was able to open up and learn to trust myself. I have a lot more confidence now.

Life is altogether different for me with Nikken. I no longer work at catering and sewing. With Nikken, I feel I’m a professional woman now! I have signed up my daughter and hope to help her make money with Nikken, too. After attending the Silver Summit, I know I will be able to reach higher levels in Nikken!