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Bert Naranjo

San Antonio, TX   |   Silver

Bert Naranjo

I am a veteran of World War II. Before Nikken, most of my working experience was in sales and services. Part of my work was selling heavy equipment used for industrial development, such as for roadwork and large farms. I also offered insurance coverage for life, surgical benefits, health and accident as well as disability. I have worked for several companies as a sales representative and eventually became a general manager. I was very effective and satisfied with my work before retiring.

With Nikken I have experienced great improvements in the quality of my life. I feel much more mobile and believe the technologies behind these products make them the best quality available anywhere. I credit Nikken with my ongoing and improved well-being. Since I have always enjoyed being with people and helping when possible, Nikken has given me a great way to do that.

I have recently been to HBM for the second time. Being in touch with so many outstanding leaders, executives and fellow participants has helped me understand how much Nikken has become a part of my family. Feeling better in every way makes me want to let everyone know about Nikken.

Nikken means the world to me. I’m not quite 85 and am aspiring to get into the hundreds. I believe Nikken will help me get there. My daughter and I just reached the rank of Silver and we have a long way to go with Nikken, but we will be getting there! I sponsored her and three of my four grandchildren as well as other select friends and neighbors. We are going to be a Nikken Family to the core, as we’re all very pleased with what Nikken has done for us. I’m a hundred percent with Nikken.