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Krystina McMorrow

Lyndonville, VT   |   Silver

Krystina McMorrow

I grew up in New Jersey and moved to the great state of Vermont in 1972. I was a buyer for an automotive supply company in their New Jersey offices. On moving to Vermont I became a fiscal assistant at Dartmouth College. In 1980 I opened a baby furniture/European toy store that I operated for 10 years.

When I was introduced to Nikken I was actually looking for something that would supplement my income. Currently I am an accountant for a major corporation and I conduct my Nikken business in my spare time, between 5 and 9 p.m. I am looking forward to retiring next year and doing my Nikken business full time as a second career over the long term.

Prior to joining Nikken, my active life had come to a screeching halt. I was spending $1,500 a month on physical therapy. I feel grateful to Nikken for giving me my life back in more ways than one.

Both my grown children have become Independent Nikken Consultants in addition to their “day jobs.” My son Stephen is an independent insurance agent and my daughter Erika is a United States Marine and a Vermont state trooper. I believe that being Nikken Consultants, even part time, opens up so many possibilities for their futures. That is my hope for them as their mother and upline.