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Ann & Grant McNabb

Ann & Grant McNabb

Nikken Consultants of the Year Ann and Grant McNabb have long been proponents of positive thinking and goal setting. In fact, "dream big" is an inspirational mantra that permeates the McNabb business and encourages their team members. Still, even with high expectations for success, the Diamond-level Consultants were genuinely surprised to achieve the coveted Consultant of the Year award at the 2008 Nikken North America Convention in Orlando last October.

McNabbs hugging with award

"I think it amazed both of us and I couldn't stop saying 'wow,'" recalls Ann.

"It was like winning the Stanley Cup in hockey," adds Grant. "Just an incredible honor."

For Ann and Grant, this award offers both an affirmation and a challenge; it is tangible proof that their hard work is both appreciated and valued, while it also raises the bar higher as they set their sights on new goals.

"This award inspires us to become better leaders," says Ann. "When people congratulate us I always look at them and say, 'Your turn next!'"

Prior to joining Nikken, the McNabbs had both achieved success in the corporate world, Ann as an oil industry executive and Grant as an engineer. Ann recalls that her first introduction to Nikken products came when her sponsor conducted a product demo on one of Ann's horses. Intrigued, Ann researched the business model, observed the integrity of the leadership team, and after much due diligence decided to become a Consultant. But she says it was the concept of balance offered by the 5 Pillars of Health™ that really inspired her to pursue a full-time Nikken business. Grant continued to work as an engineer until their burgeoning Nikken income got his attention.

McNabbs with fellow consultants

Setting measurable goals has been a key to the couple's success. Ann stresses the importance of defining your 90-day, monthly, weekly and daily goals, and encourages team members to do the same. Grant advises participating in companysponsored contests as well.

"We just love winning contests and earning incentives," he says. "We use the contests to motivate our team, build momentum and develop focus."

Another essential factor has been attending as many large company meetings and conventions as possible. "This is about longterm success," says Ann. "The big events inspire you to dream big dreams."

As far as they have already come, Grant and Ann say continuing to be coachable is a vital part of their personal and business achievements. "We always ask 'How can we improve? What can we do differently?'" explains Grant. "The biggest obstacles we've overcome on this journey involved getting clear on our own intentions and learning to maintain a positive attitude. It's something we focus on daily."

Today the McNabbs lead a dynamic team of Independent Nikken Consultants and are well on their way to their next goal: Royal Diamond. And as busy as they are, they say the freedom afforded them by Nikken is everything they dreamed it would be, and more.

McNabb family

"We were successful before but didn't have the same time freedom and balanced lifestyle," says Ann. "We have so much more abundance in our lives now, and are passionate about helping families create a more healthy and abundant lifestyle."

"Nikken has given us the opportunity to travel and see the world — something we never had the time to do when we worked traditional jobs," Grant adds. "Now, we work with people we enjoy doing something we love, and we get to help other people achieve the same level of freedom."

Mcnabb vacation

While succeeding at Nikken involves discipline and the wisdom to make many daily decisions, the McNabbs believe the most important success tip they can offer is relatively simple. "You must approach each day with the intention that you will meet someone interested in Nikken. Smile, have a positive attitude and talk to people you meet as you go about your day. It works."

Both Ann and Grant say the ability to help others succeed is what keeps them excited and motivated each day. "Our real focus now is helping our leaders become successful and achieve more. By 2012, we hope to have at least 100 healthy millionaires working alongside us."

No Nikken journey is ever embarked upon alone, and the McNabbs are thankful to many people whose efforts helped them achieve this significant award, including their mentors and friends, their Platinum leaders and all the new people who joined their team in 2007 and 2008.

"We're so proud of our entire team and so thankful for the incredible leadership team at Nikken corporate," says Ann. "Everyone at Nikken works at creating a win-win relationship — it's so amazing. We just love 'being' and 'doing' Nikken."