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Diana Lardizabal

San Antonio, TX   |   Silver

Diana Lardizabal

I was born in Texas but my family relocated to my mother’s hometown of Tegucigalpa in Honduras when I was only five. I lived there nearly all my life but decided to come back to the land of dreams and opportunities after a difficult marriage. My background is Hispanic with strong traditional values. I was a housewife all my married life, and when my children became adults and my marriage broke up, I felt lost and helpless.

My parents had returned to the United States before me. Sadly, soon after I came back, my mother became ill and passed away. Shortly after that, Maria Ruiz approached my father with this amazing company called Nikken. This felt like providence, because I had experienced and was wowed by Nikken products many years before when a friend visited us in Honduras.

Nikken found me and has changed my life. I am a contributor to the well-being of the world. This has given me a purpose in life and I stand proud to have a message of hope and a solution for the basic problems of health and finances.

I have attended Humans Being More twice and believe there is nothing like it. I wish everybody I know would go. It gave me self-confidence and the clarity to see what I am and what I need to do.

I have to hold myself back a little because I want to tell everyone about the wonders of Nikken. So, I observe and approach people depending on the circumstances. Sometimes it is about relieving a discomfort or a health issue; other times it is about the business opportunity.

My favorite Nikken product is myself, because I have Nikken written all over me. Nikken works synergistically and has given me health, wealth and a sense of purpose to share with the world.