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Anna Kagan

Anna Kagan

Nikken has always been a company with a global vision, and Consultants who run with the vision may become candidates for the International Leadership Award. This award recognizes leadership skills, a commitment to the 5 Pillars of Health™ and demonstrated international success. Anna Kagan, a Diamond Consultant in Thornhill, Ontario, was the honored recipient of the 2008 International Leadership Award. Anna has developed a globe-spanning business through hard work, dedication and a commitment to dreaming big dreams, coupled with a steadfast belief in her ability to succeed.

Kagan and associates

What is the key to building a successful international business?

One of the reasons I joined Nikken was the potential it offered for building an international business. But I knew that it was crucial to build a solid home base first. You cannot learn to run before walking. Understanding the business and the compensation plan, establishing a Wellness Home and reading and learning everything possible about network marketing were my first priorities. Once I was successful here, then I began building internationally.

What steps did you take to grow your business globally?

I spend numerous months abroad training and working with people and developing leaders because finding leaders who can duplicate and teach others is the key. Establishing good communication and training methods are extremely important, even if you live miles from them. Today’s technology is a big advantage because I am able to conduct trainings in Russia, for example, without ever leaving my home. This generates a lot of excitement for each new person who attends the training because they witness how powerful an international network can be. They see that they are not alone — even if you are not in the same country or even on the same continent, you are still a vital part of a dynamic team.

Anna Kagan

Why do you think international growth is important?

If you are looking for a stable, successful, lasting business it’s essential to grow internationally. The incomparable concept of the Wellness Home is something that we must spread throughout the world — people need what we have to offer. Plus, with uncertainty in the U.S. economy, being able to build your business in various countries while changing lives at the same time is both smart and rewarding.

What advice would you offer those who want to expand internationally?

Even in the toughest moment, do not give up. Set goals and dream big; one of my favorite quotes is “No dreamer is ever too small; no dream is ever too big.” Together we can all make a global difference.