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Maureen Cozad

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I was introduced to Nikken by a massage therapist working on my daughter Jessica’s neck. We then became product users but that opened the door to building our Nikken business.

We started working Nikken as a business five years ago when I began working at a physical therapy clinic and shared Nikken with one of the therapists. We saw huge differences with the use of Nikken products. We started to offer a community outreach educational program separate from the clinic—about Nikken—and continued to grow from there.

The more results we saw, the more resolved we became: now all five therapists in the practice are part of Nikken.

Nikken is big, really big. We put hope back in the hearts of people.

More and more, people are discovering that excellent health is much more than mere luck—it is a series of intelligent choices, beginning with the choice to take ownership of your own health. Ten years ago, we made the decision to give the Nikken lifestyle a try. The rewards have far exceeded our expectations.

For many years, we tried our best to educate ourselves on "wellness". With all of the conflicting information in the news, the path to wellness was confusing and time consuming. Enter Nikken. Simple, simple, simple. We transformed our home into a Wellness Home using Nikken's passive wellness technologies—and what a difference! Gone is the feeling of "getting old". We are so much healthier now than ever we could have imagined.

We are passionate about sharing the very unique concept of Nikken because we almost missed it ourselves. When we first heard about it, we mistakenly assumed it would be like all of the other companies that are out there—just another small piece of the wellness puzzle. Fortunately for our entire family, we did take the time to check it out and realized that the Nikken Wellness Home concept is totally unique.

There has never been a better time for partnering with Nikken. Working in a medical office, it is obvious that the trend has definitely turned —people are searching for better, safer solutions when it comes to their health options. Combine that with the uncertain future of healthcare and the unstable economic climate and you have the perfect timing for sharing Nikken.

People want more options. Some are desperately praying for an answer to a specific challenge. Be the angel that brings Nikken into their life. Don’t make them wait. Go tell three people you care about—right now. Go!