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Caren and Fred Beach

East Peoria, IL  |   Silver

Caren and Fred Beach

Our homeopathic veterinarian is the one I credit with putting us on the path to alternative methods of maintaining health and treatment. One of our beagles was having huge problems with his bladder. Our vet told us to go get an x-ray and bring it to him. The x-ray showed lots of stones in the bladder. Since it was a weekend, our vet put the dog on a homeopathic remedy and scheduled surgery for Monday, since no one was available to tend to the dog overnight over the weekend. Throughout the weekend, our beagle passed pellet-sized stones without any apparent pain. By the time of the surgery, there was only gravel left to clean out of his bladder. I thought to myself, if homeopathy and natural health alternatives can do this for a dog, why not for humans?

We learned about Nikken when my physical therapist invited me to a Bone Health Seminar at his facility. I got really excited when I could see how Nikken bone health products complemented the energy healing work I was already doing.

In six years, Fred and I have experienced a lot of Nikken technology. We are close to having a certified Wellness Home and as we get our Nikken business going, we foresee tying it in with our energy healing work. Although we both come from a completely traditional background, I had so many negative experiences from traditional medications that I immersed myself in learning about alternatives to preventing and maintaining good health. We believe Nikken fits in beautifully with our lives and as a retired Math teacher, I enjoy showing others viable alternatives.

Because Fred was forced to retire from his engineering position several years ago, he does not get a full pension and we had to move to Illinois from Pennsylvania where he was offered a job. We foresee Nikken helping us to have a much more comfortable retirement.

I am 67 and Fred is 71—we think it’s amazing to be starting a Nikken business and look forward to feeling better than we ever have while earning a substantial income. Our two sons already use Nikken products, and one of them is a Senior Consultant under us. Now that we are Silvers, we need to build our structure and team. We’re even expecting Nikken to help us make enough money to allow us to move back to Pennsylvania! When everything in our lives comes together, we know our business will take off!