Dr. Sharron Louie

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Nikken Independent Consultant


Vivian and Roderick Palma, San Mateo, CA

"I'm a tool engineer for a major U.S. airline and my wife is a registered nurse. We both have busy schedules and lots of walking, bending and lifting in our jobs. Nikken products give us the energy and vitality to work without feeling exhausted at the end of the day! We love everything that Nikken offers — especially the different packs that provide lots of value for the price. We've purchased the Day, Environment and the Sleep Packs.

Our journey to Silver rank was hard but rewarding. We wanted to share everything with everyone we know — some welcome it and some don't. But the beauty of Nikken is its people, the camaraderie. Everyone is very supportive and helpful. That's why our journey was rewarding and satisfying. For the future, we see ourselves as Royal Ambassadors, which will mean that we have helped a lot of people and continue to help others both in their health needs and finances."

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