Dr. Sharron Louie

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Nikken Independent Consultant


Dr. Joel Pagan and Elizabeth Salinas-Pagan

Edinburg, Texas  |   Silver

At first we were only seeking a healthy lifestyle for ourselves. What drove us further was the need to share the amazing benefits of Nikken products with the rest of the world. It has always been our mission to help others acquire a healthier way to live.

Our journey was not simple but it certainly has been one with many gratifying moments. Having our downline tell us about all the health benefits they have received is simply priceless. And we certainly could not have achieved Silver rank without the help and guidance of our upline.

We envision ourselves growing within Nikken, not motivated simply by a rank we want to obtain but because we want to keep changing lives and helping others as we go. As the process continues we visualize ourselves reaching out to others internationally.

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