Dr. Sharron Louie

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Lynn Marie McCune

"The value of the Nikken Autoship program is that it establishes a residual income to ensure our financial security every month. At the same time, Nikken nutritional and consumable products via Autoship help us to maintain our vital healthy lifestyle and energy levels.

"Recently a majority of Consultants based in greater Northern California joined forces under 'Team Nor Cal' to brainstorm together, work on individual goals and encourage each other to advance toward the future in building our global businesses.

"The inspiring new incentives from Nikken have motivated our team partners to accelerate reaching for their goals. As a result, four partners (Susan Schliesser, Neftal Burcham, Naomi Morales and Ann Levings) have achieved Executive rank in the past 30 days, three of whom are brand new Consultants. Five additional new partners (Wendy Alvarez, Jeanean Gendron, Kelly Rizzi, Nancy Renard and Lynzee Elder) have advanced to the rank of Senior, and we welcomed a new Direct Consultant (John Rood) on September 1.

"The exciting comp plan enhancements have instilled incredible enthusiasm among our partners. We are ecstatic. Thank you, Nikken!"

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