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Anita Auzenberg | Silver

"When I was first introduced to Nikken I was skeptical because I'd never heard of it. I suffered from a chronic condition and the lady told me she might be able to help me because she'd experienced positive results herself, so I thought 'What do I have to lose?'

"Two weeks later I took my mom to her cardiologist, and during her appointment I asked the doctor if he'd ever heard of Nikken. To my surprise, he smiled and said ‘I use all the products.' He proceeded to show me his Magsteps® insoles and told me he wears them to keep his energy up while working, and he recommended PiMag® water and support wraps for my mom. I went home and told my husband ‘Well, this is a legit company!'

"I've been a piano teacher for 47 years. After I began using the products, little by little my students started to notice that I was gradually getting better, less fuzzy and less tired. It wasn't overnight; it took six to eight months but my friends began to notice a real difference. They would stop me while walking down the street to say, 'Anita, you look so good! What happened?' I had a powerful Nikken testimony!

"I always tell people this might help you and it might take a long time – see how long it took me! – but you have to be patient. PiMag® water restored the moisture in my mouth. Lactoferrin Gold 1.8® is vital to me. And I take three or four Jade GreenZymes® a day, sometimes up to seven a day for and energy and nutrient boost.

"Nikken came into my life and it's been a miracle. I've had some setbacks; my mom was dying and she needed hospice. Last year I hardly worked my Nikken business; I broke my shoulder in the summer. But another good thing about Nikken is that I can put my business on hold when life gets in the way, and pick right back up when I'm ready. Yesterday I signed up a new Consultant!

"I'm looking for people who want to move forward with me. With the new comp plan enhancements, you only need 12,000QPGPV to advance to Silver. Wow! Not everyone is going to be a business builder, but if they start making money they won't drop out. I always tell people that this business is a good safety net to fall back on. You can do it in your spare time, and you never know how far it might lead. It's all up to you to motivate and push yourself.

"I'll be talking about Nikken till the day I die because I love it. It gave me my life back! I've been involved with two other network-marketing companies and there is absolutely no comparison. I'm so proud of Nikken, and more people need to know about it!"

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