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Healthy Environment – Nikken Support for the Environment

Supporting a healthy society includes respect for the Earth. Nikken is dedicated to minimizing our environmental impact and conserving natural resources.

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Nikken world headquarters in Irvine incorporates energy-saving, computer-controlled heat, ventilation and lighting.

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Nikken product packaging uses recycled or recyclable materials, and as an alternative to conventional polyurethane foam, the filler in shipping cartons is 100% recyclable material composed of plant starch.


Our products are eco-friendly. PiMag® water systems do not require electricity and keep tons of plastic bottles out of landfills each year. They are produced with materials that do not leach chemicals into the water they contain. Air Wellness® KenkoAir Purifier™ air systems release no harmful ozone.


Kenzen™ Wellness Organic-Based Nutrition is as natural as can be. True Elements® Swiss Organic Skin Care also maximizes the use of natural ingredients — the certified organic seal shows that it meets or exceeds the 95% standard to merit that designation.

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In recognition of our ecological efforts, Nikken has been named a winner in the California Waste Reduction Awards Program.