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What is Vital Wellness and Nikken's purpose?

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After a motorcycle accident in 2009, visited several Doctors and had many tests.  Was then diagnosed with Sarcoidosis, which was explained to me as inflammation from an unknown cause.  They sent me home with an inhaler and instructions to come back in 3 - 6 months for continual checkups.  Needless to say didn't go back nor use the inhaler.  After spending two years with that diagnosis, Nikken walked into my life and have had great relief since then.

I currently use the superb products on myself and my pets.  Have noticed that pets prefer to stay on the products as much as possible.  Thought it was my personality they liked the most..

I see Nikken, and helping other people achieve their dreams, as my life's purpose.  It is really rewarding to see a twinkle in our friends eyes and a bounce in their step when they realize:
  • how simple this business is
  • how great they can live life
  • how wonderful it is to feel healthy and relaxed
  • How great it feels to help the ones you care about

Please, take a look around and reach out when you are comfortable and would like more information on the business, the products, or both.

It will be a pleasure to help you achieve your dreams.

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Richard Kutscher
Nikken Independent Consultant

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