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Products, Solutions & A LifeStyle That Work -- Even When You're NOT!

Hello there...

Whether you found me online or I personally invited you here, I thank you for visiting with me today.

I was introduced to the Nikken products by a 'regular' at my gym. When he told me about his serious health challenges he had been living with for years, and how these products changed all that for him, he captured my attention. No longer needing his prescription pain killers and never having to have his 'planned' surgery on his knees was quite impressive to say the least. A short period of time later, he was back doing many of the sports and activities he was unable to do for so long.

Now I had to look further into this company and these largely unheard of products and technologies.

After some research and due diligence, I was amazed at what I found out about Nikken and their 35+ year track record of success, innovation and philosophy -- a lifestyle called Humans Being More. So I started out by getting some personal products that were vital to my health - the magnetic insoles, powerbands and powerchips, along with both the Waterfall and Sport bottle and the Vital Balance functional food shake. Within the first week I realized significant improvements in my daytime energy, no longer had muscle/joint soreness or discomfort, had a clearer sharper mind, and no sugar cravings later in the day & evening (I've lost weight since too!)

I wasted no more time and invested in my own Nikken Wellness Home Products. I quickly learned that there are different Paks available to us, giving us a substantial savings at below wholesale cost. On top of that, they are tax deductable to my home-based business I decided to start - and this investment in my own personal health also put me in a pay rank that earned me additional income right out of the gate! 

Since then, Nikken has kept me on the cutting-edge of health, and I am so fortunate to have learned about these products when I did.

Interestingly enough, I was also looking for a reliable, rewarding and responsible way to earn some extra income - outside of my regular job in the software development industry - with the hope and possibility lurking in my mind that, I would someday be able to leave my corporate job altogether. :D - Well, that's when I really started to take a closer look at Nikken.

I invite you to take a look and see if you discover some things that appeal to you. This brief video below will give you an overview of our company, so you can see if you have any interest in getting the complete picture with more details, and if it looks like a possible fit for you, your family, or someone you know.

There are no pressure tactics, sales pitches or fancy gimmicks. Just clear, straight up and concise information you need to make a well-informed decision. (presented by one of our business collegues, Rick Murphy)


What I soon discovered was the reality of the Nikken Opportunity. Paul Zane Pilzer, a world-renound economist, says, "Wellness will be the next $1 Trillion Dollar Industry". So, not only am I experiencing better health as I age, I am also experiencing increased financial growth and freedom from 'The Man'.

So what did you FEEL when you watched and listened to the brief overview video? Of the FIVE PILLAR OF HEALTH presented, which of the pillars would your friends say needs the most attention in your life right now? Which one would YOU say need the most attention?

Nikken redefines being at the right place at the right time. The home-based & networked income aspect may not be for everyone, however these products and technology solutions certainly are. Don't YOU deserve to check it out for yourself?

Have an AWESOME DAY ~!
Bob Beliveau
PS: You have two ways to enjoy the Nikken experience, either as a Customer or as a Consultant.

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Bob Beliveau, CLP
Nikken Independent Consultant

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