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Advanced cutting-edge health technologies for a Total Wellness Lifestyle.

In 1975 Nikken first introduced the concept of total wellness with the Five Pillars of Health. Over these last 40 years we have helped over 40 million customers throughout the world. It is a philosophy of caring & sharing we call Humans Being More!

Imagine This: Every day and every night, you are basking in the delights of living in a Wellness Home. You are giving every cell in your body the very best in:

  • Sleep - Regenerate & Restore
  • Water - Filter, Hydrate & Alkalize
  • Air - Breathe & Relax
  • Light - Illuminate & Absorb
  • Nutrition - Nourish, Replenish & Targeted Repair
  • Skin Care - Protect, Tone & Beautify
... And Personal Performance Products to improve your Energy, Flexibility, Endurance, and provide relief from everyday Stress and Discomforts.

To learn more about all the innovative and diverse forms of natural energy we have integrated into our products, go to the product technologies page.

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Here is a conscise WebEx overview which shows how our technologies deliver on the Total Wellness Lifestyle Solution


In summary, you can enjoy a healthy, satisfying and rewarding lifestyle without changing any of your behaviors and the way you already live. Nikken products and a Nikken Wellness Home make it simple and easy.

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