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Advanced cutting-edge health technologies for a Total Wellness Lifestyle.

In 1975 Nikken first introduced the concept of total wellness - the Five Pillars of Health. Over these last 40 years we have helped over 40 million customers throughout the world. It is a philosophy of caring & sharing we call Humans Being More!

Imagine This: Every day and every night, you are basking in the delights of living in a Wellness Home. You are giving every cell in your body the very best in:

  • Sleep - Regenerate & Restore
  • Water - Hydrate & Alkalize
  • Air - Breathe & Relax
  • Light - Illuminate & Absorb
  • Nutrition - Nourish, Replenish & Targeted Repair
  • Skin Care - Protect & Beautify
  • Personal Performance, Endurance, Flexibility & Stress Relief 

To learn more about all the innovative and diverse forms of natural energy we have integrated into our products, go to the product technologies page.

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Here is a conscise WebEx overview which shows how our technologies deliver on the Total Wellness Lifestyle Solution. 


In summary, you can enjoy a healthy, satisfying and rewarding lifestyle without changing any of your behaviors and tthe way you already live. Nikken products and a Nikken Wellness Home make it so simple and easy.

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Kenzen® Vital Balance™: Food for Action, Food for Thought

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